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Changing the way we heat our homes using the principles of science.

Principles of Combustion

Rocket Stove Principles are so profound and powerful that they can bring humanity into a new age of personal energy independence.

Working with Dr. Larry Winiarski, the inventor of the rocket stove and author of the Ten Principles of Combustion, I have designed, built and demonstrated the rugged forge-like SR100 Rocket Stove–Thermal Battery System which provides continuous heat and keeps people warm in their homes, heats greenhouses and work spaces, and heats hot water for kitchen, showers and bath.

-John Robert Zielinski
Rocket Stove Institute

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Join the Rocket Stove Renaissance

All interested parties, people who want to help the world, and lovers of the rocket stove are invited to contact us for more information, apprenticeships, employment, product sales, franchise-like opportunities to make and sell and install SR100 rocket stoves in your community, and to be part of our team.

Stay tuned for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign!