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(This Website is the Official Rocket Stove Technology website.  Please text John Robert Zielinski, 831-234-2559 with any questions).

Welcome to the Rocket Stove Institute

The Rocket Stove Institute website is being created by John Zielinski, a nine-year friend and student of the inventor, Dr. Larry Winiarski.  John has a background in Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science, and was researching a new Magnesium Oxide ceramic cement and wondered if one could make wood burning stoves with it and was led to the Aprovecho Stove Research Summer Camp (2007) where he met Dr. Winiarski.  John and Larry continued to meet and become friends and talk and design rocket stoves for all these years.  John’s purpose is to help ensure that these ideas and designs are understood and built and utilized so people throughout the world will benefit.

This website is dedicated to presenting the life work and accomplishments of the Inventor of the Rocket Stove, Dr. Larry Winiarski and to showcase the latest working prototypes of rocket stoves.


Contributions of Rocket Stoves to a village model community.

The context for the rocket stove designs presented here is how rocket stoves can contribute to a village model of people living together.
Please look at the pages on the menu at the top of this page and look at the three prototypes of the distinct types of new, powerful rocket stoves.